Expanding foam applicator gun

Foam applicator gun
– Decorators caulk
– Sheeps Wool


Foam applicator gun

Misc holes and inappropriate or obsolete vents


Decorators caulk

Floors and ceilings (for floors porridge is currently under review)


Sheeps Wool

Start with the large holes, to expose the small.

Chimneys, top and bottom


###:pencil2: Homework
:link: [Foam applicator gun](https://wp.me/P70PZK-x) – Neighbourhood Construction

Foam applicator gun – expanding foam filler is an invaluable material for sealing up draughts and a versatile adhesive for securing things in place without the need for mechanical fixings such as screws and nails. Foam filler is ideal for preventing air ingress, it is a good insulator, preventing the conduction of heat and also preventing moisture vapour migrating to cold surfaces causing condensation

###:pencil2: Homework
:link: [76-year-old non-scientific woman gathered the following – Whis Collis](https://wp.me/s70PZK-2705)

Decorators caulk – affordable and easy way to prevent air ingress up from between the floorboards and cracks between ceiling and wall. Using the trigger gun the gaps are filled, being water soluble, excess decorators caulk can be wiped away with a sponge and any residue remaining on the floorboards can be lifted with a WD40 and an oily rag once the caulk has set.

###:pencil2: Homework
:link: [Ecoflap – pressure test 9with water)](https://www.ecoflap.co.uk/waterproof-ecoflap/)
:link: [Ecoflap – Passive house air pressure testing – John Christoper](https://www.ecoflap.co.uk/what-people-are-saying-about-ecoflap/)

Foam applicator gun
[Screwfix £24.99](http://www.screwfix.com/p/no-nonsense-foam-applicator-gun/28483)

Expanding foam gun grade
[Screwfix £5.99](http://www.screwfix.com/p/no-nonsense-expanding-foam-gun-grade-750ml/87934)

Foam gun cleaner
[Screwfix £4.99](http://www.screwfix.com/p/no-nonsense-foam-gun-cleaner-500ml/60133)

Sealant adhesive dispenser gun
[Screwfix – £19.99](https://www.screwfix.com/p/p-c-cox-sealant-adhesive-dispensing-gun/4379h)

Caulk – white
[Screwfix – £1.39](https://www.screwfix.com/p/no-nonsense-decorators-caulk-white-380ml/43686#_=p)

Caulk – brown and white
[Dulux Decorators centre – £1.00](https://www.duluxdecoratorcentre.co.uk/ddc-decorators-caulk?returnurl=%2fsearch%3fq%3dbrown%2bcaulk)

Sheepswool loft insulation
[Celtic Sustainables – £ various](https://www.celticsustainables.co.uk/thermafleece-cosywool-sheeps-wool-insulation/)
– see Neighbourhood Construction

Demountable chimney excluder
[Chimney sheep – £ various](https://www.chimneysheep.co.uk/product-category/chimney-draught-excluders/)

Ecoflap – letterbox
[Ecoflap £27.99](https://www.ecoflap.co.uk)

:trello: [Voids*](https://trello.com/c/m8w5JVfU)

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