Locks and latches


Functioning doors, managing and mitigating moisture whilst reducing the consumption of energy. Rehanging internal doors, installing functional Rim latches with brass knobs, new door jambs and vinyl draught seal.

When: Tuesday 13th February, 10 – 5 pm

Where: Bristol

Cost: £120



Peer to peer on-site training, practitioner support, structured tuition and open format learning.


  • Principles
  • Process
  • Protocols
  • Systems thinking
  • Team building



We’ll be working alongside experienced practitioners, learning how to design and plan, as well as the practical delivery.

We’ll consider the underlying objectives of the installation within the broader context of energy and moisture in the home.

We’ll look at the preparations that are required to the doors and how these affect the quality and speed of the installation.

We’ll install Rim latches with brass knobs, new door jambs and vinyl draught seal as we’ll as get to grips with a foam applicator gun.

Lunch will be provided.

The content of this workshop will be covered in one day – unfortunatly there has not been time to schedule an open day with this event.


Free registration, payment details to follow.


When: Tuesday 13th February, 10 – 5 pm

Where: Easton Bristol

Cost: £120