How we do it

A simple five-step process guides the user through each phase. These open-ended categories lend themselves with equal relevance to both large and small-scale projects. A fractal approach, whereby the same categories are used repeatedly throughout a project as it is broken into smaller sub-projects. They provide a simple mental model which does not need to be written down to be understood. NC believe that when structures and rules become too prescriptive they can lose their impact and relevance.  The NC Process is versatile and agile, providing a more robust shared language suited to the complex and dynamic working environment of the RMI sector.

Each phase represents a paid consideration to acquire an independent opinion of an appropriate specialist for either the diagnosis, proposal, preparation or the delivery of the project. This removes the conflicts of interest that occur when speculating for a contract. For the team the Process provided a clear career pathway, tracking a practitioner from apprentice to consultant. This approach values and supports the individual’s personal and professional development.