Locks and latches
Rim latch, brass knob and door jamb fitted with a vinyl draught-seal ~ unit cost £40 + Installation £120 = £160

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Door refurbishment


Energy and moisture

The purpose of doors has somewhat been forgotten.

The functionality could be perceived as purely a practical consideration, however, learning instinctively when to operate the door is more likely to be in response to an emotional need. Either the occupants need for comfort and modesty or the emotional needs of the property. Perhaps the need to increase air exchange with cross-ventilation or the need to reduce internal convection currents that convey moisture; resulting in energy loss and degradation.

Operable internal doors. Convection currents, Thermodynamics.


  • Functional
  • Operable
  • External and internal
  • Kitchens and bathrooms
  • Room Partitions
  • Missing doors

Condition report

  • Latch
  • Handle
  • Hinge
  • Jambs
  • Supplimentor seal

Bishopston Hardware, Bristol

Door jamb/ door stop – this needs to be passed over a table saw to add the rebate for the vinyl draught seal.

eg 34mm wide comes in different thickness depending on how well the door fits

12mm – £3.12 per 2.4 metre
15mm – £3.36 per 2.4 metre

1½” Oval Nails 250g £1.45

Rim latch – 5-1/2″ x 3″

Bishopston Hardware, Bristol – £10.00

Brass Knob

Bishopston Hardware, Bristol – £10.00


Rim latch Screwfix – £16.99


Vinyl draught seal – Aquamac 21 AQ21




Aquamac 21 AQ21 – Qlon Window Door Gasket Weatherseal – Draught Seal – made by Schlegel

Product data sheet – page 10 QL3009


Locks and latches


Managing and mitigating moisture whilst reducing the consumption of energy. Restoring functionality to traditional external and internal doors. Rim latches, brass knobs, door jambs and vinyl draught seal.

When: Co-ordinated opportunities TBC, 2-3 days, 10 – 5 pm

Where: On-site, live practitioner projects

Cost: £240



Peer to peer on-site training, practitioner support, structured tuition and open format learning.


  • Principles
  • Process
  • Protocols
  • Systems thinking
  • Team building



We’ll be working alongside experienced practitioners, learning how to design and plan, as well as the practical delivery.

We’ll consider the underlying objectives of the installation within the broader context of energy and moisture in the home.

We’ll look at the preparations that are required to the doors and how these affect the quality and speed of the installation.

We’ll install Rim latches with brass knobs, new door jambs and vinyl draught seal as well as get to grips with a foam applicator gun.

Lunch will be provided.

The content will be covered on days one and two, day three is optional providing an opportunity to practice, demonstrate and re-visit aspects of importance to you.



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