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Fitting my own thermostatic-radiator-valves – TRV’s

Lifting the ambient temperature in the kitchen and bathroom will help prevent moisture fall out, during cooking and bath times. When Spring comes, it’s possible we’ll only want to heat these two rooms for this purpose. So, it was here we decided to start.

Dead-legs and pipe-lagging

The hot and cold pipes ran around the study, twice… before heading up three floors. Smitten by the fittings, it was only after moving in that it was discovered how long it took to get lukewarm water to the upstairs bathroom. The source of this symptom was two floors below. The boiler was […]


The post will also guild the user through the plumbing audit and introduce the plumbing projects, Audit TRV’s ABV’s Pipework Lagging   Thermostatic radiator valves – TRV’s. ~ Unit cost £30 + Installation £30 = £60 On this page Projects 1. Does the Stop tap work 2. Do you have […]