Neighbourhood Construction CIC is a community interest company based in Bristol, UK.

We’re a network of Practitioners; homeowners, contractors, specifiers and researchers. We’re not a construction company and yet collectively we collaborate to tackle some of the most common problems found in the UK’s existing housing stock.


We believe in doing things better

By removing the conflicts of interest, static hierarchies and onerous considerations it is then possible to achieve better results.

We believe, by improving the functionality of our homes, we can reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions as well as improve thermal comfort. We believe in establishing a better working environment via better working relationships and a better working process.

We believe in tackling the complexity of small changes, capturing, critiquing and disseminating no-cost behaviour strategies and low-cost interventions; for the benefit of low-income households and those in fuel poverty while reducing carbon emissions as well as sequestering carbon to address the challenges of Climate Change.

Understanding why works in the RMI sector may not deliver



We believe in an evidence-based approach

Neighbourhood Construction is addressing some fundamental yet simple underlying problems. However, due to the economics of scale, very little data has been collected to demonstrate the benefits of no-cost strategies and low-cost intervention.

And yet this may be all that is required or afforded.

Interaction of historic building fabric and atmosphere

  • Materials
  • Exteriors
  • Interiors
  • Conclusion





We believe in getting things done

Collectively we are codifying the practical, emotional and psychological needs of all those involved.

We host learning opportunities, facilitating workshops and training, providing affordable and impartial advice and support. We offer an independent, evidence-based, systemised approach to best practice. Measured and quantified using a shared common language.

We’re building an open-source framework, a methodology for the Renovation, Maintenance and Improvement, (RMI) sector. A school for learning and sharing cross-disciplinary knowledge and wisdom.

We believe successful home improvement should be easy to achieve and personally fulfilling.

The Neighbourhood Construction framework of systems



Effecting change


Further information

Reimagining – Renovation, Maintenance and Improvement.