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Decentralised-MVHR – a quicker|cheaper|better whole-house solution? 

Good ventilation is essential for the health and well-being of both a building and its occupants. Efficient space heating requires a building to be airtight. Controlled ventilation is essential. Could a responsive Decentralised Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (d-MVHR) be a quicker|cheaper|better whole-house solution?

Landlocked kitchen and bathroom – extractor vents not connected to the outside?

Previous surveys were undertaken by preservation and treatment companies have diagnosed rising damp then recommended a chemical damp proof course and cement render. Yet the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors describes ‘rising damp’ as a myth. Following an introduction from the Building Management Company, Simon James Lewis, Neighbourhood Construction CIC has been invited to ascertain the probable causes of a number of moisture-related symptoms being experienced at the property.


Vents, more often than not, are dysfunctional. Either ineffective or obsolete and need replacing with an appropriate solution or be closed off. Up to date building code now specifies, this applies to new-build.   SR-MVHR dMEV Dysfunctional   SR-MVHR – Single Room – Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery   dMEV   Dysfunctional […]