5 amp – Lighting Socket

~ unit cost £30 + installation £30 = £60*

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An efficient plumbing system is in the design and installation of the pipework as well as operable and functional components. The systems need to be fully functional and easy to operate if energy efficiency is to be improved. Updating the plumbing can make for a more efficient system. However, simply replacing the boiler may not be enough.

We’ll take a look at the existing, is it functioning correctly and being operated appropriately? Before considering what practical intervention could make improvement.

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  • Mains supply
  • Lockout fuse
  • Consumer units
  • Functional
  • Operable


  • Testing
  • Chasing
  • Routing
  • Sockets
  • Lighting

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Non-contact voltage detector pen


Socket tester



Consumption and installation, designing, installing and using functional and efficient systems. The requirement for sockets and lights throughout the home and attributing these to our utility bills.

Consumer unit and circuits. Chasing walls and lifting floors. Pulling cables and securing boxes.