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Workshop: Bio-aggregate

Workshop: Bio-aggregate internal wall insulation – casting hemp-lime to existing masonry. Energy-retrofitting traditional solid wall heritage properties.

– When: Monday 11th – Tuesday 12th March 2019, 10 – 5 pm
– Where: Bristol
– Cost: £240

Open day – drop in, take a look and maybe have a go!
– When: Wednesday 13th March 2019, 1 – 4 pm
– Where: Bristol
– Cost: Free

Exciting results – February 2019

Energy retrofitting – monitoring and evaluation
Dr Nick Banks – Senior Development Manager
Centre for Sustainable Energy

Plant-based insulation materials – the future
Dr Judith Thornton – BEACON – Institute of Biological, Environmental & Rural Sciences (IBERS)
Aberystwyth University

Research and results – bio-aggregate retrofitting to existing masonry
Steven Cole – MSc student, Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT)
Aberystwyth University Visiting Researcher

Insulating my cold damp house

The home I live in needs to change: warmer, less damp, increase comfort, create an open plan room for more family-focused lives, improve aesthetic quality to the rooms and spaces, and a short term solution to create separate bedrooms for the kids.

I can well believe the resulting assembly has a beneficial sanitary effect on the internal environment. 

It is undoubtedly the best hemp-lime application I have seen in several years. It is also one of the best wet-applied, breathable solid wall internal wall insulation systems I have seen, yet I believe it may be one of the cheapest. Well done Neighbourhood Construction

The beginning of the solid wall insulation retrofit journey

Traditional methods such as lime plastering are often the preserve of buildings deemed to be of historical importance, yet it seems to have been forgotten that more modest properties such as the ubiquitous Victorian terrace were also built with solid walls, lime plaster and a need to ‘breathe’. The designers and craftsmen who built them were creating a carefully balanced internal climate to ensure occupant comfort, avoidance of damp & protection of the fabric of the building and its structural integrity.

Process, protocols and principles; a practitioners-perspective

Last week David attended a workshop on energy-retrofitting the traditional hygrothermal envelope. This included preparation, mixing and casting bio-aggregate mixture of hemp and lime onto existing masonry. The workshop, run by Neighbourhood Construction, taught the installation through kinaesthetic learning, a process that worked very well in understanding all the elements of delivering a […]

A warm and cosy family home

Getting on-board, early adopters looking for a more sympathetic approach to insulating our heritage housing stock with support from Joseph Little Dublin Institute Technology and Bristol City Council Principle Historic Environment Officer.


Energy-retrofitting the traditional hygrothermal envelope, preparation, mixing and casting hemp-lime bio-aggregate onto existing masonry. Materials: Tradical PF70 lime binder and East Yorkshire construction-grade hemp shiv.   Workshops Peer to peer on-site training, structured tuition and open formate learning. When: Monday 24th – Wednesday 26th October 2016, 10-5pm Where: Bristol Cost: £240   Open days Drop in, […]