Insulating the walls of our traditional building is not without its problem.

Bio-aggregate – casting to existing masonry solves damp problems with the secondary effect of improving the thermal efficiency of older buildings. The principles and materials used in traditional architectural detailing prevent degradation whilst regulating temperature and humidity by capturing and recycle energy from moisture.

Improved loft insulation and double glazing make walls the coldest surface in the room, increasing the risk of condensation. External insulation is costly, complex, unsympathetic and retrofitting leave cold spots internally. Walls insulated internally with foam board lose the capacity to buffer temperature, humidity and incorrectly installed causes interstitial condensation. Bio-aggregate is more than internal wall insulation, it retains thermal inertia increases hygroscopic capacity and prevents condensation. Quicker, cheaper and better – from cold and damp to warm and dry.

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Bio-aggregate – casting to existing masonry.
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