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The post will also guild the user through the plumbing audit and introduce the plumbing projects, Audit TRV’s ABV’s Pipework Lagging   Thermostatic radiator valves – TRV’s. ~ Unit cost £30 + Installation £30 = £60 On this page Projects 1. Does the Stop tap work 2. Do you have […]


Vents, more often than not, are dysfunctional. Either ineffective or obsolete and need replacing with an appropriate solution or be closed off. Up to date building code now specifies, this applies to new-build.   SR-MVHR dMEV Dysfunctional   SR-MVHR – Single Room – Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery   dMEV   Dysfunctional […]


– Foam applicator gun – Decorators caulk – Sheeps Wool   Foam applicator gun Misc holes and inappropriate or obsolete vents Foam applicator gun – expanding foam filler is an invaluable material for sealing up draughts and a versatile adhesive for securing things in place without the need for […]


The purpose of doors has somewhat been forgotten. Modesty and comfort.   Note [Edit appropriately] All internal doors. Prioritise kitchen and bathroom. Replace door latches with rim latches and brass knobs Separate front and back rooms. Acoustic room divider. Replacing 15-panel glazed doors with Victorian panelled doors.   Homework Measuring […]