Pipe lagging

The post will also guild the user through the plumbing audit and introduce the plumbing projects,

  • Audit
  • TRV’s
  • ABV’s
  • Pipework
  • Lagging


Pipe lagging

Thermostatic radiator valves – TRV’s.

~ Unit cost £30 + Installation £30 = £60

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1. Does the Stop tap work

2. Do you have TRV’s

3. How about and ABV?

4. Well fitted  Lagging

4. Changing the Pipes

5. Changing a tap-washer

6. Connecting an appliance







Consumption and installation, designing, installing and using functional and efficient systems. The requirement for flow and return, hot and cold, wastes and toilets. throughout the home and attributing these to our utility bills.


Designing for efficient use and operation.



Chasing walls and lifting floors. lagging pipes


Efficiency and functionality




Stop tap

Let us start with an orientation… Would you know where you’d locate your stop tap and would it turn off?

If the stop tape has not been operated in a while it may cause the ‘gland’ to weep a little.




Thermostatic radiator valves

Honeywell TRV and lockshield 15mm
[Screwfix £19.99](

Fernox rust inhibitor and anti-freeze
[Screwfix £18.99](]

PTFE tape
[Screwfix £0.49](

Or maybe a pack of ten
[Screwfix £2.19](

Honeywell Auto Bypass Valve 22mm
[Screwfix £46.99](

Bleed valve

PTFE tape

Lockshield with drain off

Thermostatic Radiator Valve


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