– Consumer unit RCD, residual current detection?
– Earth bonding observed on Gas or Water supply?
– Condition report and certificate?

– Electrical work can be undertaken anywhere in the house, including the kitchen, by a competent person, (not an electrician). A competent person can make a like for like change and also install a new or additional circuit or make an alteration to an existing circuit.

– In a Bathroom, a competent person can change a like for like but not install a new addition or alteration. An electrician is only required to install a new or additional circuit to the bathroom or make an alteration to an existing circuit.

– Caveat – Attention is drawn to issues of concern. However, the author is not qualified to give an opinion of electrical safety. Please seek the opinion of a qualified electrician.

:link: [Example – Condition Report pdf](https://drive.google.com/open?id=1HqBvfs32-AK5vPDGm89TchQ2UYjC04bR)
:link: [Example – NAPIT Report](https://drive.google.com/open?id=1PQ3-92s8uvHw7JpgQqIAvqUyeUCyuOc_)

###:pencil2: Homework
:pencil: [Listed building damaged by electrical installation – Simon James Lewis](https://www.neighbourhoodconstruction.org/2016/04/15/2790/)
:pencil: [Making things safe with a collaborative rewire – Sam Crawford](https://www.neighbourhoodconstruction.org/2017/07/16/2072/)

###:pencil: Condition report
– Short-term – urgent repairs, Code 1
– Medium-term – essential repairs, Code 2
– Long-term – further considerations, Code 3



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