Consumer unit RCD, residual current detection?
Earth bonding observed on Gas or Water supply?
Condition report and certificate?

Electrical work can be undertaken anywhere in the house, including the kitchen, by a competent person, (not an electrician). A competent person can make a like for like change and also install a new or additional circuit or make an alteration to an existing circuit.

In a Bathroom, a competent person can change a like for like but not install a new addition or alteration. An electrician is only required to install a new or additional circuit to the bathroom or make an alteration to an existing circuit.

Caveat – Attention is drawn to issues of concern. However, the author is not qualified to give an opinion of electrical safety. Please seek the opinion of a qualified electrician.



Making things safe with a collaborative rewire


Condition report
Short-term – urgent repairs, Code 1
Medium-term – essential repairs, Code 2
Long-term – further considerations, Code 3


Practitioner board –


Home improvement / Electricity**

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