Lime Plaster Basecoat


Energy-retrofitting the traditional hygrothermal envelope. Preparation, mixing and applying coarse base-coat and fine top-coat Lime plaster.

When: Monday 19th February, 10 – 5 pm

When: Monday 26th February, 10 – 5 pm

Where: Knowl, Bristol

Cost: £120



Plaster: workshops

Peer to peer on site training opportunity, with structured tuition and open formate learning.


  • Principles
  • Process
  • Protocols
  • Systems thinking
  • Team building


We’ll be working along side experienced practitioners, learning how to design and plan, as well as the practical delivery.

We’ll consider the underlying objectives of the installation within the broader context of energy and moisture in the home.

We’ll look at the preparations that are required to the walls and how these affect the quality and speed of the installation.

We’ll be mixing and applying both coarse base-coat and fine top-coat lime plaster, accurately calculate and measuring the mix for the areas required.

We’ll learn how to apply efficiently and most effectively, working true before getting moving with a little systems thinking and team building.

Lunch will be provided.

The content will be covered on days one and two, day three is optional providing an opportunity to practice, demonstrate and re-visit aspects of importance to you.


Free registration, payment details to follow.


When: Monday 19th February, 10 – 5 pm

When: Monday 26th February, 10 – 5 pm

Where: Knowl, Bristol

Cost: £240