We believe successful home improvement should be easy to achieve and personally fulfilling

Neighbourhood Construction is addressing some fundamental yet simple underlying problems. Very little data has been collected to demonstrate the benefits of, no-cost strategies and low-cost intervention and yet this may be all that is required or afforded. Such strategies and interventions can also be part of the diagnostics process during brief formulation.

Projects view each element of the house as a home, connecting the practical and emotional needs of the user as well as those of the property.

A door may only be perceived as a practical consideration, however, learning to instinctively operate the door will be in response to an emotional need. Either the occupant’s need for modesty or the properties need to reduce the internal convection current, conveying moisture, that results in degradation. Seeing the property as the patient, with emotional needs, maybe anthropomorphising, however, the perspective helps instil the required perception of underlying objectives.

Projects could be viewed as a simple guide to accessible and affordable home improvement, or a series of workshops that build into a comprehensive course. A school for cross-disciplinary RMI knowledge.

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Neighbourhood Construction

Reimagining – Renovation, Maintenance and Improvement.