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Evening talk and social

Evening talk and social – a series of short talks from practitioners that would like to share their stories. The evening will be interspersed with conversation and the opportunity to meet others undertaking successful home improvements.
The Portcullis has good pub food, we’ll be convening upstairs from 6 pm, presentations will be 7 – 9 pm and there will be plenty of time for conversation afterwards – Join us.

76-year-old non-scientific woman gathered the following

One of the things I have been impressed with is the idea of the partnership between ‘customer’ and ‘provider’ of work. The ethos of the Co-operative is to encourage the owners to join in and experiment for themselves. This can cut down cost and spread the knowledge around.

Don’t beware the temporary measure

The evidence-led approach provides a clear understanding of why, how, what and where the house is reacting in this way. Looking at things in context, the short, medium and long term also, makes you think about future ownership of this house and how I could make a more positive contribution as part of its history.