Informed occupant behaviour, looks not only at the operating of services and appliances; things with plugs on that are easy to measure, but also operating the building itself, windows, doors, etc, as well as the activities that take place within the building such as cooking, bathing, laundry etc.

Through better understanding how to operate our homes and the activities within them we self-determine our agenda for renovation, maintenance and improvement, fortifying the importance of care, repair and accountability. Operating the operable, all the small things that add up to the whole that are so often overlooked.

No-cost intervention – a good place to start and why not?

Psychology – theory of self-determination – autonomy, choice and structure; making it happen because we want to, because we choose to, for it’s own sake, for fun.

Principles – autonomy, self-determination, observation, achievable goals…


Consumption and installation

Put the kettle on





Pipe lagging


Home tutorial

Workshop: Electricity and plumbing

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