Timber Dochan

The resurrection of a unique surface preparation method and traditional wall fixing. The timber ‘Dochan’ quickly flattens out any uneven surface for a true, flat, vertical finish that holds together rather than disturbing old lime mortar and loose stone or brickwork.

Hemp and Lime wheelie bin mixer

Revolutionary small scale hempcrete mixing process for safe clean material handling making domestic projects accessible and affordable. Measured and consistent mixing with the correct amount of water will prevent drying problem and improve performance.

Casting Hemp and Lime

The shuttering is secured to the Dochans and the Hemp and Lime is cascaded in. A plasterers ‘Hawk’ makes an ideal guide. Rather than stratifying layers with a flat tamping tool, a sharp stick is used to knit the composite together at the optimum density of 200kg per cubic metre (200 grams per litre).

Hemp and Lime: internal wall insulation and hygroscopic reservoir. Results in no Interstitial condensation.

Temperature and humidity monitoring. Hydrothermal passive heat recovery, no interstitial condensation.



Case Studies
Victorian terrace
The damp Victorian terrace, built on a budget, what went wrong and what made it worse? How a century of bad practice put right in a couple of weekends.

Hygroscopic bathroom
The steamy Hygroscopic bathroom, more than breathable, capacity counts, rapidly responding in layers, the wallpaper’s not for decoration.

Emancipated kitchen
The open plan Emancipated kitchen, wreaking havoc in every home, enter the Bi-folding doors and the reveals expose a concentration of moisture.

Cold spots
Every home has Cold spots under repeated attacked from internal weather, reduce storms and tackling a more manageable project in isolation.

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