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March workshop: Bristol Hemp Lime

Energy-retrofitting the traditional thermal envelope. Preparation, mixing and casting Hemp Lime onto existing masonry.

Three-day weekend of Hemp Lime training.

When: Friday 11th, Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th March
Where: Bristol
Cost: £120 – £80 – Free (Booking opening soon)

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Step by step

Energy retrofitting for the traditional thermal envelope. Preparation, mixing and casting Hemp Lime onto existing masonry.

The internal application of Hemp Lime to the tradition thermal envelope is an alternative approach that challenges the existing model for energy retrofitting and damp remediation.


1. Joined up thinking

It is important to understand the science and follow the establish principles that can feed back into our teaching, learning, research and case studies.

We are coordinating householders and professionals wanting to work and learn together.

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2. Having a go

There’s more to Hemp Lime than you might first imagine. Before making plans, get hands on and have a go.

Come along to a talk, attend a workshop, volunteer on a project or organise one within your local network.

Event details and booking information


3. Being prepared

Energy retrofitting, damp pathology, internal weather and the traditional thermal envelope. Hemp lime is not a solution to be applied, it must be understood within the context of simple no cost and low cost strategies and interventions that tip the balance back from cold and damp, to a warm and dry cosy home.

Think it through thoroughly, measure it up twice and do it properly once. Critiquing your designs for missed opportunities and unintended consequences. Learn how to remove the discord to create harmony.

Materials procurement, identifying and calculating quantities, cost and logistics. Tools and equipment, avoid time lost to forsaking foresight. Coordinating people, skills and logistics. Producing a realistic schedule.

Team building
Managing contractor, coordinating volunteers or friends and family lending a hand. Site safety and systems thinking, on time and on budget.


4. Getting it done

Resurrection of a unique surface preparation method and traditional wall fixing. The timber ‘Dochan’ quickly flattens out any uneven surface for a true, flat, vertical finish that holds together rather than disturbing old lime mortar and loose stone or brickwork. Detailing around window, planning for services.

Revolutionary small scale hempcrete mixing process for safe clean material handling making domestic projects accessible and affordable. Measured and consistent mixing with the correct amount of water will prevent drying problem and improve performance.

The shuttering is secured to the Dochans and the Hemp and Lime is cascaded in. A plasterers ‘Hawk’ makes an ideal guide. Rather than stratifying layers with a flat tamping tool a sharp stick is used to achieve the correct density.

Base coat Lime plastering for beginners and top coat Lime plastering for perfection. Satisfying and transferable skill that are a fun to learn. Likewise the joy and satisfaction of learning how to hang wallpaper for a perfectly performing finish.


5. Paying it forward

Sharing and teaching reinforces what we have learnt. Keep a journal and take pictures before during and after your project. Evaluate your story and publish your case studies.

Working as a team momentum builds, problems are solved, knowledge is exchanged and with understanding comes cooperation. What we learn becomes taught.

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January talk:
Energy retrofitting
Why it doesn’t work and why it causes damp.

March talk:
Bristol Hemp Lime
Casting hemp lime onto existing masonry.

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Hemp Lime projects
The damp Victorian terrace, steamy hygroscopic bathroom and open plan emancipated kitchen, every home has cold spots.

Next talk: Bristol Hemp Lime
Energy retrofitting for the traditional thermal envelope. Thursday 26 February.