Locks and latches

The purpose of doors has somewhat been forgotten. Modesty and comfort.


– All internal doors, porch doors, replace 15-panel glazed doors with Victorian panelled doors. Prioritise kitchen and bathroom.

– Replace door latches with rim latches and brass knobs

– Separate front and back rooms possible with exterior grade doors to create an acoustic room divider.

###:pencil2: Homework
:link: Measuring is simple… right?


Bishopston Hardware & DIY Store 0117 9245935

Rim latch £10 each 51/2 x 3
Brass knob £10 each
Door Jamb £10/5m

34mm Door Jamb/stop (this needs to be passed over a table saw)
9mm – £3 per 2.4 metre
12mm – £3.12 per 2.4 metre
15mm – £3.36 per 2.4 metre

1½” Oval Nails 250g £1.45

###Aquamac 21 AQ21
The product I have referred to is “Aquamac 21 AQ21 Qlon Window Door Gasket Weatherseal Draught Draft Seal made by [Schlegel](

[Product data sheet]( – page 10 QL3009

Here is a link to a supplier on eBay

:trello: [Doors*](

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