It’s not something I’ll ever forget again! – learning in a revolutionary way

Plaster workshop

As an adult, it is easy to forget the joy of learning through doing. I have recently had the luck of having my passion for learning kinaesthetically reignited and I would recommend this workshop to absolutely anyone and everyone.

I came across Neighbourhood Construction through my house share. I felt so intrigued by the work they were doing, I signed up for a plastering workshop.

There was a chilled, calm opener of introductions to settle us into the day and then we set off!

We looked at plastering, what it is and how to do it. It’s a messy, playful environment which is forgiving of mistakes, in fact, relishes in them – recognising them as a fundamental part of learning and developing a skill. There is space provided to genuinely experiment and learn through experience.

Plaster workshop

Through-out the weekend, there was an amazing level of personal attention given to each learner, with both gentle attentiveness and completely infectious enthusiasm. The team completely dispel the macho man expectation I may have had of a “builders site”. I was completely at ease and made to feel a valued equal of the team from the word go.

Plaster workshop

The team also had my back, after lunch, I started unscrewing light switches and was almost done when I realised I hadn’t turned off the electricity. Which felt like a shock to realise! The team knew I’d do it and watched me do it whilst quietly taking care, having already switched it off. It’s not something I’ll ever forget again!

Plaster workshop

This workshop is not merely useful, there is clearly an open invitation to join the community that Neighbourhood Construction is. On whatever basis you wish. Be that as a trainee with a view to gain skills, or indeed a homeowner wishing to better understand the root causes of issues in the home and learn how to tackle them.

Plaster workshop

My understanding in what makes Neighbourhood Construction stands out is that, as consultants and educators, they provide advice on immediate, quick fixes and wins, with a foremost mission to genuinely help the public with their utility bills and homes. The longer-term ideas are about learning to UNDERSTAND, then improve and finally, protect the unique structure, layers and living spaces that make up your home.

With NC, I’m beginning to understand how a house works and how to live in a home I can trust.

“Not just another eco-renovation company. Not merely an organisation providing training. But a network of expert consultants and practitioners working to empower people by delivering home improvement workshops, using sustainable practices, with traditional methods and materials, in a revolutionary way”

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